Announcing GroundControl 3.5

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Lots and lots and lots and lots of improvements

Today we released GroundControl 3.5, which contains all of the improvements below. If you like anything on this (LONG!) list, please let us know. We love the feedback.

Big Improvements
  • New routines for activating devices; so should immediately see fewer activation errors. We know you’ve all been seeing these over the last weeks.
  • New logic to reduce the error “Device did not reboot and reconnect at the expected time.” That’s another biggie.
  • Compatibility with the beta of macOS 10.13 “High Sierra,” since more and more of you have this running on your work laptops. (iOS 11 support not yet, but coming soon. See below.)

IMPORTANT: GroundControl 3.5 requires DEP devices to use a DEP workflow. This is something new. If you have trouble, please see this knowledge base article for how to use DEP devices with “Managed by GroundControl.” Contact us if you have any questions.

Workflow Improvements
  • New workflow action to check iPhone IMEIs against the GSMA industry blacklists, to detect stolen devices. We are very excited to offer this service to our refurbishment customers. Available on request.
  • New action to Unlock from App, to complement Lock to App.
  • Our Hide App and Icon Arrangement configuration profiles are no longer removable by users.
  • “Launch App” and “Lock to App” are now smarter than before, and will wait for any MDM commands to complete before trying to launch the app.
  • Install Enterprise App is now smarter, and will update an installed app only if the version is different.
  • When manually deploying a workflow, you may now search for device name or serial number. 😀Thanks, Allison!
  • Custom options are no longer needed to restore backups to DEP devices, as long as your devices are running at least iOS 10.3. If your devices aren’t running 10.3, only app settings are restored.
  • Workflows can now be cloned to child organizations, using a new option in the Clone dialog.
  • We had been displaying the “Supervise” action in workflows that don’t actually supervise. Now we are more careful.
Launchpad Improvements
  • We now display Launchpad cache size used and free space available. If you have turned on Apple’s tethered caching, then we display that cache size too.


You may now export the list of Launchpads to CSV. 😀Thanks, Jorge!

  • We’ve added support for DFU devices, just like Recovery Mode devices which we’ve supported for a long time (Thought these were the same? DFU has a blank screen.) 😀Thanks, David!
  • We’ve implemented several features to detect and recover when deployments stall for very long periods, including automatically restarting the Launchpad app if needed.
  • Fixed several rare Launchpad crashes.
Smart Hub Improvements
GroundControl can obtain metadata from enterprise-class USB hubs, such as USB port number. For more information on the supported devices, and instructions to enable this feature, please see this knowledge base article.
  • We now display the model of any detected smart hubs, in Launchpad details
  • Our API now reports lastPortNumber with the hub identifier, as it should have been doing all along 😀Thanks, Justin & Jeff!
  • When using SmartHub features, “Port Number” can now be used with Automation rules.
  • We now work with SmartHubs to detect connected devices that haven’t booted, such as iPhones with really dead batteries. 😀Thanks again, David!
  • We are now bundling Cambrionix drivers in both the Windows and Mac launchpads, so you don’t need a separate install.
AirWatch API Improvements
  • Changed AirWatch APIs to remove deprecated “/v1” commands.
  • AirWatch “Register to Username” now strips ampersands from device names, because they aren’t allowed. 😀Thanks, Tim!
Admin Improvements
  • Subscription reminders will now be sent up to 90 days in advance.