GroundControl & Locker Android 1.0 Quick Start Guide

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GroundControl 6.0 introduces support for Zebra mobile devices. Customers can benefit from the power of the GroundControl platform to help manage their fleet for Zebra devices. New and existing customers can utilize the identity and asset management features of GroundControl, all in one console. The familiar tap and go workflow allows users to check out Zebra devices

This document will guide you through the steps of setting up Imprivata Locker Android and enabling a Check Out and Check In Workflow for your Zebra device For more information on Locker Android, see this article.

Before You Begin

This guide assumes the following:

  • GroundControl Server 6.0
  • GroundControl Launchpad 6.0
  • Imprivata Locker Android 1.0
  • Your devices are enrolled in an MDM
  • Supported MDMs:
    • VMware Workspace ONE (AirWatch)
    • Microsoft Intune
  • Supported devices:
    • Zebra TC52 and TC57
    • Zebra TC21 and TC26

See System Requirements for more information.

Getting Started

Step 1 – Obtain the Locker App for Android from Google Play

For more information on obtaining the Locker app, see the Locker App article.

Step 2 – Assign and Register Locker Android with Your MDM

This is an important and foundational step to ensure that GroundControl, the Locker app, and your MDM are communicating with each other correctly. See the Imprivata Locker Android Registration article.

Step 3 – Create Workflows

Workflows are collections of settings and assets to deploy to devices. A Workflow may contain several types of actions and can be deployed to a connected device either manually (On-Demand) or automatically (Rule Based, on connect, which can be enabled via the Automation tab). See the Create & Edit Workflows article.

Step 3a – Create Check In Workflow

For more information, see Check In Device Actions.

Step 3b – Create Check Out Workflow

For more information, see Basic Checkout Workflow – Android.

Step 4 – Automate the Workflows

After you create Check In and Check Out Workflows, set up your automation rules to deploy them to your devices.  For more information, see Configure Basic Checkout Automation.

Wrapping up

At the end of this you’ll be able to successfully check out and check in your Zebra device. To learn more about what else you can do, such as SSO for Epic Rover, see our documentation.