Our software orchestrates and enhances your mobility systems and hardware

GroundControl enables your mobile services — MDM, WiFi controllers, apps, and caching servers — to work together in ways you only dreamed possible. We directly configure Apple mobile devices through USB, and indirectly manage your mobile infrastructure through third-party APIs. 

Enhance Your MDM

GroundControl integrates with nearly every MDM provider, for both DEP and non-DEP devices. The following MDM providers go the extra mile, and provide deep API integration between their systems and GroundControl.

mdm capabilities

 DEP & Non-DEP EnrollmentDelete / RetireAssign to UserSet Labels / Tags / Org GrpAssign DEP ProfileDEP Supervision IdentityCheck In & OutSingle Sign-On
VMware Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch)
MobileIron Core
MobileIron Cloud
IBM MaaS360
Microsoft Intune
Citrix Endpoint ManagementDEP Only

Smart USB Hubs & Docks

GroundControl works with a number of enterprise-class USB hubs, docks and cabinets from third-party vendors. Some units have been customized to enable additional GroundControl integration, such as status LEDs, integrated proximity badge readers, and physical security enclosures.

smart hub capabilities


Cable-free simplicity.

Datamation UniDockUSB 28 / 16 / 24 Display Slot
Display Charging Rate
Multicolor LEDs
Datamation DS-UniDock-8-TUSB 28 Display Slot
Display Charging Rate
Multicolor LEDs
Inner-Vision Technology Tough-PAC Charge Station-4USB 24 N/A
Cabinets & Trays

Attach cables to connect diverse devices.

Datamation DS-MDM-SC-16U-IPLUSB 216 Display Slot
Display Charging Rate
Multicolor LEDs
Bretford PowerSync+ Station 20USB 2 Mac Only20 Display Slot
Amber/Green LEDs

Standalone units with cables.

Bretford PowerSync+ CartUSB 2 Mac Only20 / 40 Display Slot
Amber/Green LEDs
Tabletop Hubs

Traditional USB hubs with cables.

Cambrionix ThunderSync2-16 (USA)
Cambrionix ThunderSync2-16 (Global)
Thunderbolt16 Display Slot
Display Charging Rate
Multicolor LEDs
Datamation DS-SC-U8
Datamation DS-SC-U16
USB 28 / 16 Display Slot
Display Charging Rate

App Integration

GroundControl works with the healthcare communication system Voalte to automatically sign out users when devices are checked in. We have partnered with a number of other app developers to bring Single Sign-On and Sign-Out to shared devices everywhere.

Active Directory

GroundControl can federate with your directory system, using SAML 2.0. Access to the cloud management console and the local Launchpad app can be automatic, secure, and password-free. Federated login gives you maximum control over password complexity, expiration and authorization.

APIs, Webhooks, and Data Export

GroundControl is open and accessible by design. There’s a lot of data available to you: devices, activities, Launchpads, check-outs and check-ins — just to name a few. Choose the best method for retrieving the data too: Export to CSV, pull using our REST API, or push using flexible Webhooks

  • A hospital in Santa Clara uses webhooks to bypass a WiFi capture page, sending the iPad MAC address to the Aruba controller.
  • An airline uses our API to fetch the history of which flight attendant takes which shared iPhone. This data is stored in the airline’s asset management system.
  • A retail chain uses lookups to set the iPad timezone and DEP username based on the store ID number.
  • A hospital fetches battery health data from GroundControl, to know proactively when it’s time to replace a phone.