Restore from Backup

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restore-from-backupSelect “Restore from Backup” to choose an existing Backup you have stored in your Cache or upload a new Backup from your local drive.

Backups of an iOS device include device settings, often different from configuration profiles. These settings may include time zone, home screen image, icon arrangement, and app preferences. Backup images do NOT include apps themselves, which must be installed by your MDM. You can install Enterprise Apps with GroundControl.

Use the “Choose existing Backup File” radio button to select a single existing backup image to be restored.

To upload a new Backup from your hard drive, click the “Upload” button. The maximum upload file size is 2 GB (At this time GroundControl does not create Backups from a device). For more information, see How do I create a backup?)

As an alternative to selecting an existing file, you may choose “Type a filename” to enter the filename as text. This is really useful only if you wish to use attributes for intelligent Workflows.

Backup Scrubbing

By default, GroundControl does some cleanup work on the backups you upload. We remove old wifi networks and custom restrictions and Apple IDs. We also remove any Apple ID you may have left in the backup, so the Apple ID doesn’t get reused on all your devices. However, you may intend to reuse the Apple ID on all devices. In this case, chose “Preserve Apple ID” in the restore dialog.

For more information, see our instructions for using a common Apple ID across many devices.