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Automatic Upgrades

From the Admin page, Console Admins can enable (or disable) automatic upgrades for registered Launchpads. As a default, your organization will have automatic upgrades enabled, keeping all of your Launchpads up-to-date as releases are made available.

When this setting is enabled, even offline Launchpads will be upgraded automatically to the latest version of GroundControl once they’re connected and running.

Keep in mind the first time the automatic Launchpad upgrades is enabled, any connected Launchpads will be immediately upgraded. And while we highly encourage keeping your Launchpads up-to-date, you have the option to disable automatic upgrades anytime.

Warm iOS Cache

Available with v3.3 or later.

When “Warm iOS Cache” is enabled, your Launchpads will detect when there’s a new iOS versions available for your devices and will begin downloading the firmware files immediately. This is helpful as the firmware files will be available and cached locally, and you won’t have to wait for long downloads when you’re ready to update your devices.

If you prefer to do this on manually per Launchpad (rather than as a global change), you have the option to do this on demand via Launchpad actions.