Launchpad Monitoring

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Launchpad Monitoring is designed to help keep your Launchpads running 24/7 and minimize interruption.

When Launchpad Monitoring is enabled, GroundControl will notify you when:

  • A Launchpad goes offline
  • A supported USB Smart Hub goes offline
  • All devices are disconnected
  • There are 10 failures or more within hour
  • If monitored Launchpads disconnect, upon reconnect, any applicable automation rules will run upon Launchpad start

In addition, the “Quit” or “Exit” menu in the Launchpad app is disabled so users can’t easily or accidentally quit the app.

To get started, enable the feature in Admin > Launchpads > Launchpad Monitoring.

  1. Select the Launchpads you’d like to monitor

2. Click Save. You’ll be prompted to restart your Launchpad, which is required in order for the changes to take effect. Once the Launchpad restarts, you’ll notice “Quit” or “Exit” will be disabled for the selected Launchpad.


3.  Click Configure next to set up the notifications

In Email Address(es), enter the email you’d like to use for notifications. Multiple email addresses can be entered, separated by a comma. Click Test to ensure delivery. (If you don’t see the notifications, make sure GroundControl’s SMTP server is whitelisted.)

GroundControl also supports Slack notifications. To set up, follow Slack’s instructions here: Incoming Webhooks for Slack.

In the email body, you can modify the notification text and include Launchpad attributes for additional customization.

If you prefer, you can also control monitoring for individual Launchpads via Launchpad Options:

  1. Navigate to the main Launchpads tab
  2. Click to select a Launchpad
  3. Look in Launchpad Actions and select Options…
  4. Enable or disable Monitored Mode

From the Launchpads tab view, monitored Launchpads will display a  heartbeat icon next to their name so you can easily identify them.