Workflow Automation for Enterprise Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are critical to business success, but common deployment tools are inadequate and inappropriate for the enterprise, creating a logistics nightmare.

GroundControl is a unique tool that dramatically reduces the number of steps it takes to get devices out of the warehouse and into people’s hands. It’s as simple as:

  1. Use our browser-based admin console to set up one or more workflows in the cloud
  2. Install GroundControl’s lightweight Launchpad software on your Mac or Windows PC
  3. Plug in as many devices as you need to configure and deploy — operations begin automatically.

Once you have the basic workflows created, you can create rules that deploy immediately on device connect. Automated workflows can trigger anything from small changes — such as entering single app mode — to a full device factory wipe and rebuild.

Whether your enterprise needs to deploy 1,000 or 100,000 devices, GroundControl scales to meet your needs. Once a device is initially deployed, it can easily be re-deployed in the field to eliminate back-and-forth shipping. GroundControl is powerful enough to speed your depot operations, yet simple enough for non-technical staff in the field.


GroundControl has revolutionized patient engagement in the largest hospitals in the U.S. Between patients, devices are factory wiped and reprovisioned, without needing any technical personnel. GroundControl completely automates this process, keeping provisioning as simple as plug-and-play. Meanwhile, IT is always in full control.

Learn more about GroundControl & Healthcare or see our design guide on patient engagement with VMware.


GroundControl was selected by the world’s largest fashion goods retailer to modernize and maintain their Apple MPOS devices. Did you know that iOS 9.0 patched a whopping 107 vulnerabilities? GroundControl can deploy security updates to devices immediately when plugged in. That’s easy on your store employees, easy on your network, and easy on you.


At two of the top global financial services firms, GroundControl is solving an otherwise worrisome problem: How can you lock down your iPhones and iPads to keep data from leaking out? GroundControl supervises your corporate-liable devices, shutting off services such as iCloud, AirDrop and iMessage. You can run it from your Windows PCs, too. We complement DEP to work with any device from any reseller, anywhere in the world.

Common Qs & As

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update_ios__gc 2GroundControl directly configures Apple mobile devices through USB, and indirectly manages your mobile infrastructure through third party APIs.

  • Reset to factory defaults before performing a workflow
  • Activate using DEP or non-DEP activation
  • Supervise (i.e. set in “enterprise-friendly” mode)
  • Update iOS
  • Add permanent or temporary WiFi networks
  • Enroll — touch-free — into your MDM
  • Use MDM APIs to set MDM group, label and user, or even retire devices
  • Set lock screen and home screen wallpaper
  • Personalize lock screen with asset tag, store number, device name, etc.
  • Set device name to include asset tag, store number, sequential numbers, etc.
  • Set home screen app arrangement
  • Set common or unique Apple IDs per device
  • Set a device language, locale, and timezone
  • Restore an iOS backup
  • Add any configuration profile
GroundControl is like Apple Configurator on steroids.

  • GroundControl runs on Windows PCs as well as Macs. 75% of our customers run us on Windows.
  • Cloud-hosted administration means you can easily expand to a global scale
  • We were designed with different roles in mind: Admins manage the system, and unprivileged users simply plug in the devices
  • GroundControl integrates to many MDM systems through their native APIs, so you can easily automate those systems too
  • You may build as many wokflows as needed and deploy them anywhere; our rules automatically determine which devices get which settings, no coding required
  • By placing the supervision certificates in the cloud, devices are no longer tied to a single Mac
  • GroundControl has extensive enterprise features such as Single Sign-On and audit logging
  • Oh, and we’re quicker and more reliable too.
Lego BlocksGroundControl and DEP work great together! And when you don’t have DEP, GroundControl works great all by itself.

This means that GroundControl can bring DEP-like supervision to countries that don’t have access to DEP devices. And when you have DEP, GroundControl can add significant value by making the setup process truly touch-free, automatically programming language, country, WiFi, and even MDM login into the device.

And our system for custom attributes means that GroundControl can automatically send different credentials to different devices, making this a very powerful combination.

By supervising devices, GroundControl unlocks more than 20 enterprise management features in your existing MDM system. These include single app mode, silent app push , always-on VPN, and restrictions to AirDrop, Messages, wallpaper, device name, and even Erase.

GroundControl also leverages the APIs of select MDM systems to automate the tedious enrollment process. We inform your MDM that a new enrollment is beginning, so the MDM can be prepared to send apps and policies without delays. And post-enrollment, we can assign devices to organization groups, to labels, or even to specific users.

We support only Apple mobile devices. We can configure Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch running iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10. For compatible devices running iOS 7 and below, GroundControl can initiate a software update and then manage the device.
No. Apple ships iOS devices with wireless disabled, so OTA configuration would require multiple screen taps just to turn on WiFi. GroundControl configures devices through a USB connection to a Mac or PC running our lightweight “Launchpad” software. This allows for true touchless configuration. In addition, the USB connection enables additional features beyond what MDM or DEP can do alone, such as a full device reset, iOS updates, imaging from a common backup, and operations even when WiFi is unavailable.
28-iPhonesUsing an enterprise-grade USB hub, 40 or more from a single Mac or Windows PC. But really, GroundControl is so quick, it often doesn’t make sense to use a hub larger than 8 ports. And our distributed architecture allows you to add an unlimited number of  Windows or Mac “Launchpads” to deploy in parallel anywhere around the globe.

We strongly recommend high-quality business-grade USB from manufacturers such as Datamation and Bretford.

Our team has worked hard to make administration clear and understandable, and deployment in GroundControl is as easy as plugging in a USB cable. For more info see our online documentation.

For organizations with complex needs, we do offer training.

GroundControl is sold as an annual SaaS license based on the number of devices. The license permits an unlimited number of Launchpads and deployments. We offer a generous discount for public schools. For a quote please email or contact us using the form below.

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