Restoring from Backup with DEP

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GroundControl can restore from a master backup onto DEP devices, and MDM enrollment will be preserved. Previously, GroundControl would restore only app settings from the backup, ignoring any system settings. But if you carefully prepare the backup and use devices running iOS 10.3 or later, GroundControl can restore both app and system settings.

  • You need to have GroundControl’s supervision identity added to your MDM’s DEP configuration
  • The master device must be at iOS 10.3 or later, and enrolled into DEP
  • Destination devices must be at iOS 10.3 or above, and enrolled into DEP (but they don’t need the same MDM server as the master)
  • We support encrypted and non-encrypted backups

If these prerequisites are met, GroundControl will restore the system settings from the backup, as well as the app settings. Get started by following these instructions.