Add WiFi

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Select Add WiFi to proceed to the Add new WiFi Profile window. Select either the “Choose existing WiFi profile” radio button (for a network that is already in GroundControl), or add one to GroundControl via the “Create a new WiFi profile” radio button:wifi

When creating a new WiFi profile, simply enter the SSID (i.e. network name) in the first box. If the network does not broadcast its SSID, click the “Hidden network” checkbox. If the network has a Security password, enter it in the “WPA Password” box. The ‘Automatically forget’ option prompts the device(s) to disconnect from the WiFi network after the designated period of time.

Note: right now, this GroundControl action supports only WPA or Open WiFi networks. For enterprise networks, use Configurator to prepare the .mobileconfig file, upload it to GroundControl and add it as a Configuration Profile.