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The Team tab, found under Admin tab, allows administrators to invite users, assign roles, remove users and reset passwords.

About User Roles

Console Admins have full access to the GroundControl account.

Console Users can create, edit and deploy workflows, but do not have Admin privileges.

Device Managers can deploy existing workflows to devices, but cannot edit or create workflows and rules.

Launchpad Only users can download and run Launchpads and can view the Launchpad list on the GroundControl cloud console.  They cannot create, edit or deploy workflows or perform admin functions.

Plus More

GroundControl offers more robust team management for organizations with a large fleet of Launchpads, with the ability to assign a dedicated user that can manage Launchpad Only users.

Similarly, for Managed Service Providers working with multiple companies (or organizations with subsidiaries), GroundControl now provides the ability to link organizations to a parent and easily switch among them to manage settings, Payloads, etc. Contact Us for additional information.