System Requirements

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Cloud Administrator Console

Any modern web browser on Mac, Windows, etc. We test with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Launchpad Mac or Windows PC

Both Mac and Windows may be used for the client-side “Launchpad.” Macs running macOS 10.13 will benefit from Network Tethering and App Caching built into the operating system.

OSMac OS 11 Big Sur or higherMac OS 11 Big Sur or higher
Starting Jan 2023, we support only 2 years of macOS versions
Drive Capacity20 GB20 GB+
Drive TechnologyAny*Fusion Drive or SSD
ProcessorPC Intel Core-Series or equivalent
OSWindows 10Windows 10
Starting Jan 2023, we support only 2 years of Windows versions
.Net version3.54.5+
iTunes version12.5 (installed or via MSI installation) 12.5+
Drive Capacity20 GB20 GB+
Drive TechnologyAny*SSD

Important! Certain Windows PC USB chipsets limit how many devices can be recognized at once. This may be a limit of the physical hardware itself. Please test your model thoroughly before selecting a PC to be used as Launchpad, especially if connecting more than one USB smart hub.

* When provisioning many devices simultaneously, GroundControl’s performance will be greatly limited by a spinning hard drive. We strongly recommend solid state disks or flash drives in your PCs. Spinning disks may cause slowness, performance issues, and failures due to timing problems.


GroundControl uses HTTPS (port 443) for all communication between the Launchpad and the Cloud Administrator Console. After initial registration, the Launchpad switches to Secure WebSockets (also port 443) for asynchronous bi-directional messaging.

Firewalls must support Secure WebSockets. A common firewall feature is to force close any sockets that remain open for a long period of time, but this will cause GroundControl to lose the client-server connection.

Additionally, Apple products on enterprise networks typically require specific hosts and ports to be open. Here is Apple’s documentation on the use of Apple products on enterprise networks.

Launchpad*.groundctl.comHTTPS/443 and WSS/443Server communication
Launchpadgroundcontrol-prod.s3.amazonaws.comHTTPS/443Asset downloads
HTTPS/443Apple device activation & IPSW downloads
Launchpad*.bugsplatsoftware.comHTTPS/443Crash reporting
LaunchpadImprivata applianceHTTPS/443Identify look up during Checkout (if used)
Devicegroundctl.comHTTPS/443Checkout (if used)
DeviceImprivata applianceHTTPS/443Identify look up during Checkout (if used)
Device* Ports: 443, 80, 5223, 2197Checkout (if used)
Your MDM ServerHTTPS/443MDM API requests (if used)
Proxy Support

GroundControl has limited support for proxies:

  • Proxies must be configured in the Launchpad app during initial registration
  • Only unauthenticated proxies are supported
  • Authenticated proxies and PAC files are not supported
  • System proxy settings are ignored
USB Hubs and Carts

USB hubs vary wildly in quality. GroundControl recommends a very limited number of hubs and carts from trusted manufacturers.

  • Imprivata Bretford PowerSync Pro v2 and PowerSync Plus.
  • Datamation UniDock, and U-Series Sync & Charge hubs and related carts. Datamation trays are not supported.
  • Cambrionix ThunderSync.

Poor-quality electronics will display intermittent errors during restores and iOS updates.

We are working to expand this list as we work with additional manufacturers. Reach out to us if you would like our help to qualify (or disqualify!) hubs from other manufacturers.


GroundControl supports Apple iOS devices only. Only factory-reset devices are supported.

  • Minimum iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5
  • The most recent 2 years of iOS updates