Assign DEP Profile using AirWatch API

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If you are using an AirWatch MDM with API integration, you may instruct GroundControl to Pre-register to Username or Lookup Username.

The popup menu displays a list of DEP profiles from your AirWatch server. If the list is out of date, click Resync.

This feature is helpful when your organization has multiple DEP profiles, and the GroundControl devices aren’t going to use the default.

For example, your default DEP profile may show several setup screens, which is not appropriate for automated device configuration. If you have created an alternate profile for GroundControl devices, GroundControl can automatically assign the profile prior to DEP enrollment.


  1. AirWatch 9.2 is required for this API feature.
  2. This feature is appropriate only for devices that are already enrolled in DEP. GroundControl will not enroll non-DEP devices into DEP for you, but you may use Apple Configurator for that task.
  3. Do not include leading or trailing spaces in DEP profile names.
  4. If your DEP profile has authentication OFF, we recommend that you do not combine this feature with the “Delete from AirWatch” command. As of this writing, in AirWatch 9.2.2, there is a bug preventing DEP enrollment in this case. VMware is working on a fix.