Set Apple ID

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GroundControl can set Apple ID on devices through the set Apple ID Workflow action. (This action is available on request only. Please contact to request.) The ‘Set Apple ID’ Workflow requires several data elements that are available through the following pre-processing routine.

Please note this functionality does not exist for iOS 11 devices. We recommend switching to device-based app assignment using the iTunes Volume Purchase Program.


To use the Set Apple ID feature you will first need to first process your Apple IDs to obtain several data elements that are needed by GroundControl.  To obtain those values, we provide a utility to be downloaded and run on your Mac (Windows not available at this time).

Once downloaded, prepare a simple CSV with only two columns: Apple ID and Password. Do not include a header row.  

Now, also using the Terminal, type the path to the AppleIDProcessor command, the “-v” switch, the path to the input CSV, and the path to the output CSV.

For example:

./AppleIDProcessor -v appleids.csv appleids-out.csv

The command will run and create the output file.

The command will output the DSPersonID, the Store ID, and an Apple Token.  We don’t use the Apple Token (yet). Probably all the Store IDs will be the same, if they are all using the U.S. iTunes storefront.

Once you have the DSIS and Store ID you are ready to set the Apple IDs on your devices.


Once the feature is enabled for your company, you will see the Set Apple ID action in the Workflow dropdown under Advanced:


Select the Set Apple ID action. There are three fields: for Apple ID, DS Person ID, and Store ID. Fill these fields in with the appropriate values.

To assign a unique Apple ID per device, create three custom fields, and use tokens in the Set Apple ID action. You will want to upload a list of device serial numbers, and the associated Apple IDs, DSPersonIDs, and Store IDs to GroundControl.

Device Behavior

When the Apple ID is applied to a device, there may be no immediate indication. But when you either download an app, or push an app through MDM, the device will prompt for credentials. If the Set Apple ID action was successful, you will see the device prompt for only a password; as the Apple ID itself is already filled in.

You will probably also see prompts for “save password for free items,” and “save password for 15 minutes?” These prompts are (for now) unavoidable, annoying, and the reason this feature is available by request only.