Audit Log

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The Audit Log, found under the Welcome Menu, is only available to Console Admins. It includes logs of all operations performed on GroundControl that are specific to your organization.

The following actions are logged on the Audit Log:


  • Created workflow XYZ
  • Modified workflow XYZ
  • Deleted workflow XYZ
  • Cloned workflow XYZ


  • Registered Launchpad X
  • Upgraded Launchpad X
  • Deleted Launchpad X
  • Changed Launchpad X’s custom field Y from A to B
  • Failed Login


  • Added Device X
  • Deleted Device X
  • Retired Device X
  • Change Device X’s attribute Y from A to B


  • Created rule XYZ
  • Modified rule XYZ
  • Deleted rule XYZ
  • Enabled rule XYZ
  • Disabled rule X&Z


  • Added, Modified, Deleted MDM X
  • Added, Modified, Deleted attribute X
  • Invited user XYZ with role XXX
  • Changed role of user XYZ to YYY
  • Deleted user XYZ


  • Accepted invitation
  • Logged in
  • Logged out
  • Changed password
  • Failed login

Note: Deployment activity is found in the Activity tab.