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The Cache tab is used to browse, edit, download, and replace assets you’ve added to your Workflows.

Editing or Replacing an asset here will also immediately update all Workflows with the asset to use the new version.

Filter Assets

You can filter assets by entering text in the Filter by Name box, or by selecting a file type.

Assets Actions

Select a row and an Actions button is displayed.

  • Workflows… — Select to view a list of all workflows that use this asset.
  • Edit… — Wi-Fi profiles may be edited here to update a password or disable MAC address randomization, for example. All workflows are immediately updated with the change.
  • Replace… — Replace the asset with a new version of the same time. All workflows are immediately updated with the change. This can be very useful with a Wallpaper or Enterprise App, for example.
  • Download — Download a copy of the asset to your computer.
  • Delete… — Completely remove the asset from GroundControl, including all workflows.