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Rule-based Workflow deployment is a powerful system to automatically select and deploy Workflows to devices based on the criteria you choose. It works like this:

  1. You plug an iOS device into a GroundControl Launchpad.
  2. The GroundControl launchpad reads basic device information, including serial number, UDID, and model, and sends this information to the GroundControl server.
  3. The GroundControl server determines which workflows to deploy, if any.
  4. The GroundControl server tells the Launchpad to deploy the specified workflows sequentially.

For example, you can set up workflows to deploy when an iPod touch is connected, and another for iPad Air. You can also leverage Launchpad tagging, so your launchpads in the Pacific time zone receive an image with time zone set appropriately.

Important note about automation


When this check mark appears on the Automation tab, it means that at least one rule is set to ON, and workflows will deploy automatically when a device is connected.

Caution: the Automation checkmark should be OFF when you are deploying manually.

RuleA condition or conditions, each of which matches true or false. For example, Condition 1: “Device Type … Is … iPad4,1″ Condition 2: “Launchpad … Contains … Mac”Note that for the rule to operate, all Conditions (1 and 2) must be true; and automation must be enabled (set to On).
Default WorkflowIf no rule matches, then the workflow specified by the Default Workflow is used; this may also be set to “none”

Creating A Rule

Click on the “Automation” tab and click on the “New Rule” button. Enter a name for the Rule in the “Rule Name” field:


Click “Add condition” to select from the Default rules (always available) and Company Rules (see article on Custom Attributes). When you add multiple conditions, keep in mind they must all be true.

Below is a table of Built-In Conditions:

Device Battery LevelAny whole number from 1 to 100
Device Erased StateErased, Not Erased
Device Recovery ModeOn, Off
Device iOS9.3.5, 10.3.1, etc.
Device MAC AddressAny Launchpad name
Device ModeliPad, iPhone, iPod, AppleTV
Device Model (Detailed)iPad4,1
Device NameiPad 1
Device SerialAAAA11A1A1AA
Device UDID111a1a111a11a1111111aa11a1aa111111a111aa
Launchpad NameAny Launchpad name

Next, click “Choose Workflow…” and select a Workflow:

Note: A Rule must have at least one condition and one Workflow. 

Multiple workflows can be deployed sequentially by clicking “Choose Workflows” and selecting additional Workflows. Workflows can be reordered by dragging and dropping the selected Workflows.

In the example below, the device serial number is set as the Condition, and two workflows are selected to deploy in sequence: first, a multiple item workflows (restore+MDM); and then, change the device language to French – all automatically, on connecting the specified devices.

To remove a condition or Workflow, simply click the grey “Remove” button.

Activating and Deactivating Rules

Rules are disabled by default. You can enable them by turning the switch button to ON and pressing Save Rule. You can turn automation ON and OFF in the list view as well:

When are Rules Triggered?

 Are Rules Evaluated?
Launchpad is running, and device is plugged inYes
Launchpad starts while Recovery devices are plugged inYes
Launchpad starts while Non-Recovery devices are plugged inNo
Launchpad restarts due to an version upgradeNo