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Support for custom attributes is available throughout the system, both for Devices and for Launchpads. And, since GroundControl is being used in so many different industries, we let you decide what to call your data.

Want different colored wallpapers assigned to specific types of devices? Or an asset tag to be associated with your device? Or a building number? Or a department with a Launchpad? You name it, we can store it.

Administrators can create, edit and delete attributes from the Admin tab in the GroundControl server:

We’ve worked hard to integrate support for custom fields deeply into the system. For example:

  • Upload a spreadsheet to associate “Store ID” with serial numbers. See the article on Devices for more details.
  • Attributes can be used in order to automate deployments. See Automation page for more details.
  • Workflows: Set Name for devices using the “Asset Tag” Attribute. See Creating and Editing Workflows article for more details.
  • Launchpads: group Launchpads together whether they are far flung or just too many. See the Launchpad article for more details.