How to Get the Locker App

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GroundControl locks devices using a Custom B2B App, which is distributed through Apple’s iTunes VPP program. There is no charge for the GroundControl Locker app.

To obtain the app, please email Please include the Apple ID associated with your organization’s VPP account, or if using Apple Business Manager, include your organization’s DEP ID and make sure Custom Apps are enabled.

After we associate the app with your organization, your VPP administrator must “purchase” (for free) a number of copies of the app. It does not matter how many copies are purchased, but it should be sufficient to cover the quantity of devices you have. Go ahead, get 1,000.

After purchase, the app will appear within your MDM alongside your other VPP apps. Configure your MDM to automatically deploy your apps to the appropriate group of devices on enrollment.

  • App ID: “”.
  • External ID: 1339042245.
  • App Icon:

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