Imprivata Locker Android Registration

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GroundControl customers can have more than one Mobile Device Management system (MDM) configured to their environment, and need to configure the Imprivata Locker app (Android) to correctly communicate with the appropriate MDM system for their Android devices.

When the MDM deploys the Locker app (Android) to the devices, the Locker app passes several bits of information back to the GroundControl server to correctly identify the MDM.


This procedure assumes the following:

Gather Android API Information from GroundControl
  1. In the GroundControl console, navigate to Admin > MDMs tab.
  2. To access the MDM system page, click one of the MDM options: AirWatch, Intune, Samsung Knox Manage, or SOTI.
  3. In the Android Locker App Configuration section, click Show details.
  4. Copy the app config values from the Android Locker App Configuration section using the copy to clipboard icon next to each item. You will use these values when configuring AppConfig values in your MDM in the next task.
    1. GroundControl MDM ID
    2. GroundControl Server
    3. Device Identifier.
      The Device Identifier AppConfig value is formatted differently depending on your MDM. Below are examples from VMware Workspace ONE (AirWatch) and Intune.
Configure AppConfig in the MDMs

Use the AppConfig values from GroundControl in your MDM system.