Set Wallpaper

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Set Wallpaper allows you to easily import a JPG or PNG image and use that as your device lock screen and home screen.  But we didn’t stop there. You can enter text and we will embed that into the lock screen for you. And if you enter attributes, you can retrieve their data and personalize the lock screen for every device.

Want the asset tag or serial number on the lock screen? Easy. We’ve tried to make this feature really straightforward to use, as a simple workflow item. We even support emoji! ❤️

To set your wallpaper, upload a use the dialog box to upload a Lock Screen or Home Screen, or both.  (Hint: If you want the same picture for both, upload to Lock screen first and then use arrow to copy picture to the Home screen.  Recommended resolutions can be found here. You can upload any picture up to 8.0 MB and we will scale it for you.)

Lock Screen Text can be added once you have uploaded a Lock Screen.

set-wallpaper-final…and the resulting lock screen!img_1fddc2569fc0-1Occasionally the lock screen will not be set or the home or lock screen image will re-position upon device reboot.   Re-deploying the lock screen should rectify.

  • Reduce motion should be set to “ON” on the device if lock/home screen image goes to edges of picture. (Reduce motion setting can be found at: Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion.)