Set Wallpaper

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NOTE: This action applies to iOS devices.

Set Wallpaper allows you to easily import a JPG or PNG image and use that as your device lock screen and home screen. You can also enter text and GroundControl will embed that into the lock screen for you, which is a great way of generating a digital asset tag on the device. Set Wallpaper also supports attributes, providing the ability to personalize the lock screen for every device, with a single workflow.

Want the asset tag or serial number on the lock screen? Easy. We’ve tried to make this feature really straightforward to use, as a simple workflow item. We even support emoji! ❤

Set up Wallpaper with a single image

To set your wallpaper using a single image and workflow, upload an image using the dialog box to upload a Lock Screen or Home Screen, or both.   Recommended resolutions can be found here. You can upload any picture up to 8.0 MB and GroundControl will scale it for you.

After you upload a Lock Screen image, add Lock Screen Text. Remember to select an image in the Home Screen tab if you want to set that up as well. If you prefer, they can be different images.

Set Up Wallpaper using Attributes

A great way to simplify your workflows is to use attributes, which are variables that can be set per device or per Launchpad to uniquely customize your devices. To get started, first create and populate an attribute.

In the example below:

  • We created a Custom Attribute called “Location” and populated with the corresponding city data. In our case, some iPads are going to NYC, while some are on their way to LA.

  • We uploaded a couple wallpapers named after the different cities where the devices may be deployed to.
  • We created a single workflow, but rather than choose Select an image, we’ve selected Type a filename:,  selected the existing attribute called “Location”, and added the file extension at the end.

Based on the attribute data set per device, the device will be customized with a unique wallpaper, as it will select the desired filed based your preference. If you’re working with a handful of images, this allows for the use of a single workflow, rather than having to create and maintain four separate ones.

…and the resulting lock screen!

Occasionally the lock screen will not be set or the home or lock screen image will re-position upon device reboot.   Re-deploying the lock screen should rectify.

  • Reduce motion should be set to “ON” on the device if lock/home screen image goes to edges of picture. (Reduce motion setting can be found at: Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion.)