Recommended Settings Unattended Launchpads

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Whether you choose Mac or Windows PC, the systems must be set up for unattended useA headless system, with no display, is preferred:

  • GroundControl runs as a foreground service, so the computer must automatically log in as a user
  • The login user should NOT have admin privileges
  • Set the PC to automatically boot in case of an unexpected shutdown
  • Set the PC to automatically join preferred network
  • Set the GroundControl Launchpad application to run at start
  • The PC must be set to never go to sleep
  • The PC should be dedicated for GroundControl, and not shared with other apps
  • Some method of VNC or other remote access is required to all stations
  • Enable user auto login on Mac: System Preferences> User & Groups> Login Options> Automatic login> Select User
  • Set Mac to never go to sleep: System Preferences> Energy Saver> Set Mac to never go to sleep
  • Disable Mac Automatic Updates: System Preferences> Software Update > Uncheck “Automatically keep my Mac up to date”
  • Set Mac to automatically connect to specific network. System Preferences> Network> Advanced> Select Auto-join, preferred network should be on top of list.
  • Install Launchpad in Applications folder
  • Add GroundControl Launchpad application to Login Items so it launches automatically: System Preferences> User & Groups> Select User> Login Items> Click + > Add GroundControl Launchpad
  • Optional: Enable Content Caching preferences: System Preferences> Sharing> Content Caching