Device Cases

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Beginning in January 2024, device cases that utilize data passthrough will no longer be supported for new GroundControl customers. Existing customers with support issues will be asked to remove any data passthrough cases prior to troubleshooting. Any case that does not allow direct access to the device’s USB data port is considered a data passthrough case. 


  • For the fastest and most reliable performance, Imprivata requires GroundControl Launchpads to be directly connected to devices via a Smart Hub or USB cable.
  • There are a variety of case manufacturers and models available to meet the unique needs of different industries, many of which fit the form factors of GroundControl’s supported Smart Hubs. Many customers find that basic protective cases are successful and that cases with supplemental batteries are not required for typical usage. In these common scenarios, customers may choose to have spare devices available for use when batteries are depleted.
  • When deploying devices that support wireless charging, offering charging pads at strategic locations can also prevent the need for the added weight and complexity of battery cases. For customers that do require additional battery capacity, battery cases that allow direct USB connection are supported by GroundControl. 

Imprivata does not recommend any cases that use data passthrough connections where the device’s data port (Lightning, USB-C, MicroUSB) is not directly accessible. Reliable communication with the device over USB is essential to GroundControl. Cases that intercept this communication often yield poor or inconsistent results.