Reset (Erase) a Device to Factory Defaults

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When you introduce a device to GroundControl, the device must be fully erased, unsupervised, unactivated, and be on the “Hello” screen. Unless all of these conditions must be met, GroundControl will warn you to factory reset the device.

If you keep running into this issue, you may need to tell iTunes to stop activating devices.

Option A: Manual Reset

  1. If the device is on the setup screens, tap the screens to complete setup.
  2. Open Settings > iCloud and confirm the the device is signed out of iCloud (specifically “Find my iPhone”)
  3. Open Settings > General > Reset
  4. Tap “Reset All Content and Settings” and complete the prompts.

If “Reset All Content and Settings” is not an option, then you may have restrictions that restrict the reset. Open Settings > General > Profiles and Remote Management and try to remove the MDM profile. If that is possible, then try step 4 again. If that is not possible, try Option B.

Option B: MDM Remote Wipe

If the device is enrolled into MDM, you can send a “Device Erase” command to factory reset the device. This is sometimes the only available option. Refer to your MDM documentation for instructions.