USB Hubs not recognizing all connected devices

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Mac We’ve found that on newer Mac Launchpads, you may see an issue where not all connected devices via a USB hub are recognized.  This is most likely due to the Mac’s default power management settings, which limits the number of USB devices that can be connected at once. To troubleshoot this issue: Log onto you Mac as an Administrator … Read More

Reset Launchpad

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Choose “Reset Launchpad…” from the “GroundControl Launchpad” menu. This will reset the Launchpad to its default settings by clearing all pairing records, removing registration and clearing the asset cache. On the Mac Launchpad:   If you would like to Also clear the asset cache and delete pairing records, click select that option and click OK. On the Windows Launchpad: If you would … Read More


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Support for custom attributes is available throughout the system, both for Devices and for Launchpads. And, since GroundControl is being used in so many different industries, we let you decide what to call your data. Want different colored wallpapers assigned to specific types of devices? Or an asset tag to be associated with your device? Or a building number? Or … Read More

GroundControl Launchpad Files

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Mac Preferences: ~/Library/Preferences/com.GroundControl.gcservice.plist ~/Library/Preferences/com.GroundControl.GroundControl-Launchpad.plist Asset Cache: ~/Library/Application Support/GroundControl/Content Downloads/ Pairing Records: ~/Library/Application Support/GroundControl/Pairing Records.db Windows Preferences: HKCU:\Software\GroundControl Solutions\GroundControl These are found under keys named groundcontrolconsole and GroundControl Launchpad Asset Cache: %LOCALAPPDATA%\GroundControl\Content Downloads\ Pairing Records: %LOCALAPPDATA%\GroundControl\Pairing Records.db Windows Shared Install Preferences: Both are under keys named groundcontrolconsole and GroundControl Launchpad 32-bit Win: HKLM:\Software\GroundControl Solutions\GroundControl 64-bit Win: HKLM:\Software\Wow6432Node\GroundControl Solutions\GroundControl Asset Cache: %ProgramData%\GroundControl ... Read More