USB Hubs not recognizing all connected devices

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Mac We’ve found that on newer Mac Launchpads, you may see an issue where not all connected devices via a USB hub are recognized.  This is most likely due to the Mac’s default power management settings, which limits the number of USB devices that can be connected at once. To troubleshoot this issue: Log onto you Mac as an Administrator … Read More

MDM Integration: MobileIron Cloud

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This document covers MobileIron Cloud. For MobileIron Core and MobileIron Connected Cloud see this article. GroundControl can enroll your devices touch-free. Devices are assigned to anonymous users, but may then be re-assigned to your users. Here’s how to get started with device enrollment: Download the Enrollment Profile For non DEP devices, you’ll need to export the MDM profile that connects GroundControl to MobileIron Cloud. In … Read More

MDM Integration: MobileIron Core

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This document covers Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (formerly MobileIron Core) and MobileIron Connected Cloud. For MobileIron Cloud, see this article. Enrollment Only GroundControl can enroll devices touch-free. Devices are assigned to anonymous users, but may then be re-assigned to Active Directory users. To export the MDM profile that connects GroundControl to MobileIron: In the MobileIron console, click Policies & Configs > … Read More

MDM Integration: VMware Workspace ONE (Airwatch)

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NOTE: Applies to iOS and Android devices. GroundControl has deep integration with VMware Workspace ONE (formerly AirWatch). The instructions below describe how to set up GroundControl to use AirWatch APIs. For iOS devices you may optionally add an Enrollment Profile for touch-free enrollments of non-DEP devices. API Integration API integration adds many additional features to customize your Workflows, including unenroll-before-enroll, assigning … Read More


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The Admin section provides Console Admins with the ability to access and configure to key features of GroundControl. The Organization tab shows number of licenses purchased, their start and end dates, plus total of active and available device licenses. The Team tab allows you to manage users, assign roles and reset user passwords. The SAML tab allows you to configure SAML for your organization. The … Read More


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Support for custom attributes is available throughout the system, both for Devices and for Launchpads. And, since GroundControl is being used in so many different industries, we let you decide what to call your data. Want different colored wallpapers assigned to specific types of devices? Or an asset tag to be associated with your device? Or a building number? Or … Read More