Schedule an Automation Rule

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Scheduled workflows allow you to run workflows ad-hoc or on a daily, weekly and monthly cadence to connected devices. This is useful if you want to schedule iOS updates, a work that reboots devices on regular basis to fix minor issues and much more.

To get started:

1. Navigate to the Automation tab then on the “New Rule” button. Give your schedule name, then select “Set a new schedule”

2. Set the date when your schedule should begin and the time.

3. You can determine how often the schedule repeats, either Never, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

4. Scheduled workflow support additional conditions, for example, you set a schedule to only upgrade devices on iOS 14.

5. Choose your workflow(s) and click Save. Last, but not least, click enable Rule to set up your schedule.

Some things to consider:

  • Scheduled rules do not queue up if a device is in the middle of a deployment
  • Deployments may be staggered across Launchpads to avoid deploying to all devices at once
  • Not supported for Over-the-Air (OTA) workflows, only connected devices are eligible