Organizing Workflows

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From the Workflows page, a GroundControl User can choose the way in which their Workflows are compartmentalized for their company using the Organize feature. With this component one can Create Folders, Rename them, Move Workflows in and outside of those folders, and Delete Workflows in bulk.



The Organize feature, which lives in the Workflows page, allows Users to create folders, which can be helpful for categorization of different deployments as it makes them easier to classify and deploy.


At any point, too, you can Rename the Folder.



Although a User can create and utilize folders, Workflows can both exist in and outside of them. In order to Move your Workflow(s) go to the Workflows tab > Organize > Select desired Workflow(s) > Click Move:

*the ‘Top Folder…’ will keep the selected Workflow(s) above and outside of the Folders you have created.


Along with the Move button, you can drag and drop different Workflows into another folder. In order utilize this feature, please make sure you access your Workflows tab > Click Organize > Select the Workflow(s) you wish to move by ‘dragging and dropping,’ and hover over the name of the other folder you wish to move it/them to:



Lastly, the Organize feature allows you to Delete Workflows in bulk, by selecting the desired Workflow(s) you wish to delete and confirming with an OK to the GroundControl server.

**Please keep in mind that you cannot delete a folder that has Workflows within it.