Enroll in AirWatch

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When using AirWatch with API, GroundControl adds several features to the standard Enroll in MDM action.

Just before a deployment begins, GroundControl will use the AirWatch API to unenroll the device. This ensures that the enrollment is treated as “new” by AirWatch. There is no switch for this; GroundControl automatically enables this feature when you add valid AirWatch API credentials in Admin.

GroundControl will also allow you to do the following:

  • Register Device to Username — Assign the device to a specific AirWatch or Active Directory user you specify. If you use an attribute for the user, each device can be assigned to a unique user. No password is required to assign users, only their Active Directory username. Please note usernames can be case sensitive.
  • Set Organization Group to Group ID — Change the device organization group after enrollment. If you use an attribute token for the organization group, each device can have a unique Organization Group. This allows you to stage all devices to a common group, then individually reassign devices without the AirWatch console.
  • Assign AirWatch Tags to the Device — You may assign a comma-delimited list of AirWatch tags to the device. GroundControl accepts only tag IDs, not tag names. See below.

Discovering an AirWatch Tag ID

Because of limitations in AirWatch’s APIs, GroundControl requires that you enter the ID of each AirWatch device tag, not the tag name. To determine the ID of a tag, do the following.

  1. Log into your AirWatch console
  2. Click Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Advanced > Tags
  3. Hover over the tag and notice the URL of the tag — if you don’t see the URL when hovering, right-click and choose “Copy URL” or the equivalent function in your browser
  4. The Tag ID is the last numeric part of the URL, for example “10579” in this example: https://airwatchserverhostname/AirWatch/Settings/EditTag/10579