Clearing Passcodes

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Passcode-locked devices are now supported by GroundControl today for AirWatch users. However, there are some restrictions and pre-requisites.

To get started:

  • Disable USB Restricted mode via AirWatch. This is required in order for the devices to connect over USB when locked with a passcode.
  • Enable this feature in Admin> Launchpads> Clear MDM when device is not pairing. This feature requires API integration with AW.

  • Identify the workflow(s) where you want to clear the passcode. Edit the workflow, then choose Add an Action > Advanced > Custom Option. Add the following option:
AttemptClearPasscode: true

When this workflow is run, the passcode will be cleared from the device.

Some things to note about this feature:

  • Currently, this feature will only work with unpaired devices. This is the case if your profile doesn’t allow pairing, or if the device is locked when connected to the GroundControl Launchpad
  • If the device is unlocked when connected to Launchpad, the passcode will not be cleared. This improvement is coming soon!
  • If the device is powered off when connected to the Launchpad, the passcode will not be cleared unless the device has a cellular connection. This feature requires an active internet connection on the device, and devices that have been rebooted with only connect to WiFi once unlocked.

Support for Maas360 is coming soon.