Clearing Passcodes

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Passcode-locked devices are not fully supported by GroundControl today. Devices must be unlocked when connected to a Launchpad. Unfortunately this is difficult to achieve in practice.

However, GroundControl has a limited capacity to clear passcodes from a passcode-locked device. When a device is provisioned, the Launchpad will locally store a unique Unlock Token for each device. Using a custom option, the Launchpad will use that token to clear the passcode. At that point a workflow may continue as expected.

IMPORTANT: Because this token storage is local, the process fails if devices are moved from one Launchpad to another. Locked devices will not even pair with other Launchpads. This limitation is being addressed in a future release.

To enable local token storage, navigate to Admin > Launchpads and edit on Custom Launchpad Options. Add the following option:

UnlockTokenLocalStorageEnabled: true

Identify the workflow(s) where you want to clear the passcode. Edit the workflow, then choose Add an Action > Advanced > Custom Option. Add the following option:

AttemptClearPasscode: true

When this workflow is run, the passcode will be cleared from the device.