About USB Restricted Mode in iOS 11.4.1 & above

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Starting with iOS 11.4.1, Apple has introduced a new security feature called USB Restricted Mode that will impact some GroundControl users. Apple has additional information in this knowledge base article.

Devices that are locked with a passcode, and have not been unlocked in the last hour, will not respond to USB requests. Apple says that in some cases, locked devices may not charge. Only devices that have passcodes are affected. Devices without passcodes are not affected.

This restriction will interfere with GroundControl’s ability to automate device actions.

If your devices may have passcodes, GroundControl recommends that you disable USB Restricted Mode. There is a new MDM restriction that will disable this mode, but it may be some time before the MDM systems are updated. Until that time, you may distribute the attached configuration profile to disable this feature.

Disable USB Restricted Mode.mobileconfig

DEP devices: We recommend that you distribute this profile using your MDM.

Non-DEP devices: You may distribute this profile using either MDM or GroundControl’s Add Configuration Profile action.