Skipping Setup Screens

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Without GroundControl, iOS devices show a number of screens during device setup. The exact screens shown vary depending on device model and iOS version.

For example, these are the screens shown for iOS 11:

  1. Hello
  2. Language
  3. Region or Country
  4. Quick Start
  5. Wi-Fi
  6. Touch ID
  7. Passcode
  8. Apps & Data
  9. Apple ID
  10. Terms and Conditions
  11. Express Settings
  12. Location Settings
  13. Siri
  14. iPhone Analytics
  15. App Analytics
  16. Display Zoom
  17. Welcome to iPhone

It is important to skip all setup screens if you wish to have fully unattended device setup. MDM apps do not download if setup screens are shown.

If you are using DEP, the selection of screens to show or skip are set within your MDM. Configure your DEP profile to skip all screens for touch-free device setup.

When using a non-DEP device, GroundControl’s Supervision Options determine which screens are shown or skipped. GroundControl will continue to show three screens, even if you set all screens to be skipped:

  1. Hello
  2. Wi-Fi (even if set by the workflow)
  3. Welcome to iPhone

GroundControl can skip all device setup screens if your Workflow includes the “Restore from Backup” action. The backup can be almost anything, even the default backup included with your GroundControl environment. The backup does not need to match your device model or OS.