Skipping Setup Screens

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Without GroundControl, iOS devices show a number of screens during device setup. The exact screens shown vary depending on device model and iOS version.

  • Hello
  • Language
  • Locale
  • WiFi
  • Restore Option
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Apple ID
  • iCloud
  • Passcode
  • Siri
  • Touch ID
  • Apple Pay
  • Migrate from Android

GroundControl’s Supervision Options allow most of these screens to be skipped, saving a significant amount of deployment time.

Under certain conditions, GroundControl can skip all device setup screens. Besides saving more time, this provides an additional benefit — the device will immediately begin installing any apps pushed via MDM.

The conditions to skip all setup screens are:

  1. Include a backup to restore, and the backup must be iOS 9.2 or greater
  2. Device must be iOS 9.2 or greater