Send Webhook

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GroundControl can notify external systems before a deployment begins and/or when a deployment has completed successfully. This may be used to send data to an asset management system or an order management system, for example.

Method: Choose between HTTP GET and POST.

URL: Enter the URL of the Webhook destination here.

With a pre-deployment webhook, if attributes, such as ‘[Device Serial]’ are used, GroundControl will substitute the correct value just before the HTTP call.

If the URL returns a JSON object of device attributes and data and the “Parse a JSON…” checkbox is enabled, GroundControl will apply those values just as the deployment begins. The data should be returned as an object of attributes labels and data. For example:

{ "Asset Tag": "12345"; "Color": "Red" }

Body: The Body is enabled for HTTP POST method only. Like URL, you may use attributes, and GroundControl will substitute actual values.

Some additional notes:

  • If you want your deployment to fail if the pre-deployment webhook returns an error, enable the “HTTP errors should fail the deployment” checkbox.
  • GroundControl sends post-deployment webhook only after successful deployments.
  • When testing webhooks, you may find a site such as RequestBin to be useful. RequestBin lets you inspect webhook contents.