Register with Cisco ISE

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NOTE: The Workflow actions available to you depend on the Workflow model you select, the MDM system you use, and the OS of your devices.

The Register with Cisco ISE Workflow action is supported in DEP, non-DEP, Android, and Over the Air (OTA) Workflows.

  • The minimum API user permissions are External RESTful Services Admin
  • REST services must be enabled first.
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This action allows you to register devices with Cisco ISE. The Workflow action is run at the Launchpad. In case of a multi-phase deployment, it is run in the first phase.

  1. In the Cisco ISE device group name box, type the name of the device group in Cisco ISE to which you would like to register devices. This action will succeed regardless of whether a device is already a member of an existing group.
  2. Optional. Click Errors in this Workflow action will fail the deployment. Click Save.
  3. Deploy the Workflow to your devices.