Checkout Prerequisites

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Checkout has several prerequisites:

  1. GroundControl Support must enable this feature for you. There may be an additional charge. Once available in your organization, turn on the feature in Admin> Check Out.
  2. App: Your organization must be enrolled in Apple’s iTunes Volume Purchase Program to obtain the “GroundControl Locker” app. See the next section for more information.
  3. DEP: At this time only DEP devices are supported. Support for non-DEP devices will be added in the future. Make sure to also enable DEP Supervision Identity features.
  4. Network: The locked devices must be able to reach your GroundControl server (usually on HTTPS/443. Make sure your network firewall allows access.
  5. Notifications: The Locker app requires notification access. By far the best way to enable notifications is to use your MDM to create a notifications profile. By setting notifications in your MDM, you will avoid “Allow Notifications?” prompts on the devices. iOS only allows for a single notification profile to be installed on a device. If you already have an existing profile in your MDM that sets notifications, add the GC Locker app to it, rather than create a new profile.


  1. Proximity Card Reader: We support USB-connected proximity card readers from RFIDeas, such as model RDR-80582AKU (Amazon Link). Several vendors sell an OEM version of the same reader.
  2. iPhone Dock: Although not strictly required, this feature works best with LED-enabled Smart USB Hubs by Datamation, such as the UniDock.

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