Overdue Devices

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Like library books, checked-out devices that aren’t returned by a certain date can become overdue, and notify you or the user that a device hasn’t been returned yet. Enabling Overdue Devices The control to enable this feature  is in Admin > Check Out. When enabled, a configuration dialog will appear. Here, you can customize the number of hours and minutes … Read More

Show Checked Out Devices

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GroundControl usually hides devices as soon as they are unplugged. But you may wish to have an easy way to list checked out devices, in order to identify the users at any given moment. GroundControl allows the display of checked out devices in three ways: In the Admin console, within the Launchpad detail In the Launchpad display On the device … Read More

Check Out with Workspace ONE

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Like GroundControl, VMware Workspace ONE (aka “AirWatch”) includes features for shared device checkout. This article explains how to link GroundControl with Workspace ONE, so that the checkout features are synchronized between the two systems. Once linked, a checkout in GroundControl — via a proximity badge tap, for example — will assign the device to the user in your MDM. This … Read More

View a Device’s Checkout History

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GroundControl keeps a history of which user checked out the device at which time. GroundControl also records when the user returned the device. The device does not need to be connected to a Launchpad to view this activity. In the GroundControl admin console, click on the Devices tab. Search for the device name or serial number. Once you locate the … Read More

Set up the Pinpad App

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GroundControl includes a simple web app simulating a Pinpad for authentication. Obviously this system is not secure, and should never be used in production. We encourage you to browse the source code for the web app. It’s a good demonstration for using OAuth to authenticate against GroundControl, and for using the GroundControl APIs to check out devices. In the GroundControl … Read More

Integrate Prox Badge Readers

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We support USB-connected proximity card readers manufactured by RFIDeas, which is the most common reader on the market. Many brands resell the RFIDeas reader, including Imprivata and KSI Keyboards. For testing, one of the readers you already have may “just work.” If you need a new one, we recommend their universal reader, RDR-80582AKU, which is available from Amazon. To enable … Read More

Basic Checkout Automation Setup

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You’ll need to set up two automation rules as well. The first rule handles devices that are being Checked Out: There is only one required condition in this rule: Device Checkout Status is Being Checked Out, but you may customize this rule with additional conditions based on the complexity of your workflows and environment. The required Being Checked Out condition makes sure … Read More

Basic Checkout Workflow Setup

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You’ll need to create three workflows: PREP, RETURN, and CHECKOUT. PREP: Here you will do the basic provisioning of the device. You should include the following actions, at a minimum: Perform MDM command – This will delete the device which ensures that the enrollment is treated as “new”. – Pre- Enrollment Action > Delete from MDM. Erase Add WiFi Set … Read More

Simple Checkout Auth

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We’re almost done! Before using your own ID cards and directory, we recommend you get started with a simple system built into GroundControl. GroundControl provides a hosted user directory for evaluation, and a simple “Pinpad” web application. With these two systems, you can create users (real or imaginary) and assign each a PIN. This PIN will be used for identity … Read More