Check In Device Actions

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The Check In Device workflow action will launch the Imprivata Locker app, and lock the phone. The action supports several options. App Version The version of Imprivata Locker to lock. This should be set to “Locker 3 VPP” for most customers. Logout Actions Before locking the device, GroundControl can perform one or more actions on the device to log out of … Read More

Check Out with OneSign Credentials

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Similar to OneSign enabled workstations, GroundControl supports Check Out and Password AutoFill workflows by allowing user’s to authenticate onto their mobile device with their OneSign username and password. To enable this feature: 1. Navigate to Admin> Check Out and select “Network Username and Password” under Available Authentication Methods 2. Here you may customize the name of the username and password fields … Read More

Configure Enterprise Password AutoFill

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Once you’ve set up, tested and automated your check out workflows and also validated your environment is supports Password AutoFill,  you’re ready to get started. Password AutoFill is available only when Admin > Check Out > Identity Web Service is set to “Imprivata OneSign”. Set up AutoFill in GroundControl In GroundControl, Admin > Check Out > Password AutoFill enable Password AutoFill. Set … Read More

Create OneSign profiles for iOS

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iOS apps require a profile to feed usernames and passwords from Imprivata OneSign. This is similar to all other apps in the OneSign system. OneSign’s method for creating profiles with the Application Profile Generator (APG) does not work for mobile applications, therefore a new method is required in order to achieve the same results. Profiles are simple XML documents. With … Read More

Integrate Imprivata OneSign

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Our Check Out feature requires customers to connect to a web service to handle the translation of badge IDs to user IDs. This document describes how to integrate with Imprivata OneSign for identity lookup. If you don’t have Imprivata OneSign, you may use a custom identity lookup service, described in a separate article. Prerequisites You must use Launchpad 4.9.3 or greater … Read More

Overdue Devices

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Like library books, checked-out devices that aren’t returned by a certain date can become overdue, and notify you or the user that a device hasn’t been returned yet. Enabling Overdue Devices The control to enable this feature  is in Admin > Check Out. When enabled, a configuration dialog will appear. Here, you can customize the number of hours and minutes … Read More

Show Checked Out Devices

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GroundControl usually hides devices as soon as they are unplugged. But you may wish to have an easy way to list checked out devices, in order to identify the users at any given moment. GroundControl allows the display of checked out devices in three ways: In the Admin console, within the Launchpad detail In the Launchpad display On the device … Read More

Check Out with Workspace ONE

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Like GroundControl, VMware Workspace ONE (aka “AirWatch”) includes features for shared device checkout. This article explains how to link GroundControl with Workspace ONE, so that the checkout features are synchronized between the two systems. Once linked, a checkout in GroundControl — via a proximity badge tap, for example — will assign the device to the user in your MDM. This … Read More

View a Device’s Checkout History

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GroundControl keeps a history of which user checked out the device at which time. GroundControl also records when the user returned the device. The device does not need to be connected to a Launchpad to view this activity. In the GroundControl admin console, click on the Devices tab. Search for the device name or serial number. Once you locate the … Read More

Set up the Pinpad App

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GroundControl includes a simple web app simulating a Pinpad for authentication. Obviously this system is not secure, and should never be used in production. We encourage you to browse the source code for the web app. It’s a good demonstration for using OAuth to authenticate against GroundControl, and for using the GroundControl APIs to check out devices. In the GroundControl … Read More