GroundControl Provisioning for iOS 14 DEP Devices

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Both GroundControl and Apple Configurator fail to fully dismiss  setup screens  when provisioning iOS 14 devices. Devices remain on the “Hello” screen and fail to load MDM apps.

What configurations does this effect?
  • The following iOS versions: 14.0, 14.0.1, 14.1 and 14.2, 14.3 beta (Note: This is likely to impact future versions as well until Apple releases a fix)
  • DEP iPhones on both Mac and Windows Launchpads.
Imprivata GroundControl’s response

We have reported this to Apple and await their response. We will continue to test this workflow to validate whether it has been fixed in later iOS versions.

While a temporary GC workflow modification may mitigate the issue in your environment,  we have no plans to develop a workaround at this time. Our research thus far indicates that a workaround on the Imprivata side may be impossible and would at best be unreliable.

What can customers do today?

If you require unattended provisioning, we recommend keeping your devices on iOS 13.

We encourage customers to open a ticket with Apple support. In the ticket we suggest including:

  • A description of the previous workflow which no longer works with iOS 14
  • The number of affected devices
  • The impact to your organization

After submitting a report to Apple, please open a support case with Imprivata that includes your Apple case number, so we can add it to our correspondence to Apple.

Workaround to allow provisioning to proceed
  • For iPhone 6s, 7 or 8: At the Hello screen, press the home button
  • For iPhone X, XS, Xr or 11: At the Hello screen, swipe up
  • Temporarily change the devices’s language using GroundControl. See more info below.
Workflow workaround

While this is not a permanent solution, we have been able to find a temporary workaround using existing GroundControl workflow actions that change the device’s language.  We found that changing the device’s language temporarily to English (United Kingdom), then to US English forces the device to reach the home screen automatically.

To confirm if this is viable solution in your environment, please follow these steps and test thoroughly with your devices:

  1. Add Set Language & Local action to your main provisioning/ prep workflow, to change the device’s language to en-GB. Confirm all set up screens are skipped.  
  2. In separate workflow, revert back to US English, using en as the language code. This can be done by creating a simple workflow that only includes a Set Language & Local action with the default settings. Do not add Wifi! 
  3. Run these workflows manually first and confirm device configuration is as expected.
  4. The workflow sequence can be automated using one rule with multiple workflows