Skip the “Privacy” setup screen in iOS 11.3

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csm_img_0111_0bbd160c33iOS 11.3 includes a new setup screen, called “Privacy.” If you are using DEP devices, this new screen will likely interrupt your otherwise automated workflows.

With DEP devices, your MDM determines which setup screens to skip. The DEP profile in your MDM lists each screen, and whether to show or skip. Unfortunately, most MDM systems have not yet been updated to include an option to skip the new Privacy screen.

GroundControl can work around this limitation, by adding a “Restore from Backup” action within your workflow. By restoring a specially-configured backup to your devices, all screens, including Privacy, will be skipped.

There are a few notes to follow closely:

  1. We recommend you create a backup from an iOS 11.3 device. Since this backup can not be restored to devices with earlier operating systems, the workflow will succeed only on devices with iOS 11.3 and above.
  2. You must have added GroundControl’s supervision identity to the DEP profile. This is not available for every MDM.
  3. Carefully follow our instructions for creating and uploading your backup,  specially if your MDM requires encrypted backups . Reminder, a Mac + Configurator is required to create a DEP backup.

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