Automated Setup may not function in iOS 17.2 and later

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Apple iOS 17.2, released on December 11th, 2023, may not complete automated setup via GroundControl Workflow or Apple Configurator.

Apple iOS 17.3 (released on January 22, 2024) and iOS 17.4 (released on March 5, 2024) exhibit the same symptoms.

  • Devices that have been updated, force recovered, or erased may display an ‘iPhone Partially Set Up’ message on the screen afterwards.
  • The GroundControl Workflow may display success even when this screen appears. Devices on this screen may not check in with the Locker app successfully.
  • The issue may not appear on all device models.


  • For Workflows containing an iOS Update or Erase action, adding RebootPostInstallBootDelay: 90 or RebootPostEraseBootDelay: 90 as a Launchpad Custom Option may mitigate the effect of this bug.
  • Any Workflows assigned to an Automation rule with conditions ‘Device State is Erased’, may require adding an artificial delay. This can be accomplished by adding a Send Webhook workflow action Before Deployment to
    NOTE: Some slow devices require more than 90 seconds on those custom options. If 90 seconds does not work, you can add more time by changing 90 to 120 or as needed. If devices are very old (over 4 years), they need the time to be 240.

This bug has been reported to Apple and acknowledged (FB13476589). We expect a fix will be available in a future version of iOS.

Additional details will be published when available.