Known Issues with iOS 16

Created: Knowledge Base

Our team has tested iOS 16, and all GroundControl features appear to work as expected. However, we are tracking the following issues reported by the community.

MobileDevice version 1400+

MobileDevice version 1400 or greater is required to use our recovery or iOS Update features. Instructions and additional information can be found at

“Set up Cellular”

iOS 16 shows a new dialog whenever erased devices are set up, on devices supporting eSIM. This dialog appears even if MDM places a restriction on eSIM modification. We have reported this issue to Apple. FB11523436

Fitness App

Apple is now including the Fitness app by default. Most customers will want to hide this app. The App ID is We will be adding Fitness to the Hide App action in a future release. For now, you may block Fitness by using MDM or by adding this configuration profile to your workflows.

Non-DEP Setup Remains at WiFi

Non-DEP workflows that set up erased devices may remain at the WiFi screen, especially if WiFi negotiation is slow. You may work around this by adding SupervisionPostWifiTimeout:15 as a Launchpad Custom Option in Admin > Launchpads. This value is the new default timeout in GroundControl 5.7.