GroundControl and iOS 17

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Imprivata Locker for iOS

UPDATED: Imprivata Locker 3.9.2 for iOS restores full functionality with iOS 17 and later.

Imprivata is releasing an update to its Locker iOS app for GroundControl on October 26, 2023. The app will be available through Apple Business Manager.

Release Highlights

Apple’s iOS17 shipped with defects that prevented the use of the keyboard for some apps that lock the device screen. These defects impacted the use of Imprivata Locker. Imprivata reported these issues to App in early September.

Apple has now fixed these defects with iOS17.1. Imprivata expects Apple to release iOS 17.1 on October 24, 2023.

Imprivata recommends all customers update to Locker 3.9.2

  • Locker 3.9.2 is fully compatible with iOS 16.
  • When used with iOS 17 below 17.1, Locker 3.9.1 removes Emergency PIN, Checkout with Username and Password, and Locker Log submission title modification.
  • Locker 3.9.2 is fully compatible with iOS 17.1

Imprivata also recommends customers update their iOS devices to iOS 17.1 when possible. iOS 17.1 is now fully compatible with GroundControl.

Customer Availability

Locker will be released to the Apple App Store on October 26, 2023. For questions or comments about this release, contact the Product Management and Product Marketing teams at

Original Details of the Issue

Imprivata discovered an issue when the Imprivata Locker app is used with iOS 17. This issue prevented the use of the Check Out Workflow with a username & password on iOS 17, and also prevented the emergency unlock PIN. Check out Workflow with a badge was not affected.

Locker 3.9.1 is required for use with iOS 17, and Imprivata recommends this version is used on all devices.

On iOS 16, there is no change to behavior. On iOS 17, Locker 3.9.1 prevents users from typing usernames, passwords, and the emergency unlock PIN. Badge tap check out works well with Locker 3.9.1 and all versions of iOS.

  • Any device updated from any previous OS will update to iOS 17, if the device supports it.
  • There is no requirement to update iOS 16 or older devices. However, using ‘Force Recovery’ will always force devices to the most recent version of iOS.
  • Locker 3.9.1 disables emergency PIN unlock and unlock with username and password on iOS 17.
  • Locker app 3.9.1 will work for tap to checkout Workflows, but emergency PIN unlock and unlock with username and password are not available in Locker 3.9.1 on iOS 17.
  • Imprivata is working on an update to Locker to restore full functionality on all iOS versions. We will announce availability at a future date.
  • While a Locker app solution is progress, Imprivata is also engaged with Apple (FB13134185) to resolve the core issue in iOS.
FeatureLocker 3.9.1 on iOS 16Locker 3.9.1 on iOS 17
Check Out with Badge Tap
Check Out with Username and PasswordNot available
Emergency Unlock PINNot available
General Compatibility

Besides the above issue, all other GroundControl features appear to work well with iOS 17.