GroundControl and iOS 17

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Imprivata Locker for iOS

Imprivata has discovered an issue when the Imprivata Locker app is used with iOS 17. Locker is likely to crash if users tap into an input field. iOS will relaunch Locker, so we do not believe there is a risk to any sensitive information and PHI.

This issue prevents the use of the check out workflow with a username & password on iOS 17, and also prevents the emergency unlock PIN. Check out workflow with a badge is not affected.

We recommend delaying iOS 17 upgrades whenever possible.

Imprivata will release Locker for iOS 3.9.1 in the next few days. On iOS 16, there is no change to behavior. But on iOS 17, Locker 3.9.1 prevents users from typing usernames, passwords, and the emergency unlock PIN. Badge tap check out works well with Locker 3.9.1 and all versions of iOS.

FeatureLocker 3.9 on iOS 16Locker 3.9 on iOS 17Locker 3.9.1 on iOS 16Locker 3.9.1 on iOS 17
Check Out with Badge Tap
Check Out with Username and PasswordCrash and relaunchNot available
Emergency Unlock PINCrash and relaunchNot available

Imprivata has engaged with Apple to work on a resolution, which we expect to be included in a future iOS update. We will post additional information here as it becomes available.

General Compatibility

Besides the above issue, all other GroundControl features appear to work well with iOS 17.