iOS Update & Recovery limits

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iOS installations send a huge amount of data through USB ports, especially when updating multiple devices at one time. This surge can make the Launchpad unstable.

To ensure stability, GroundControl limits the number of concurrent iOS installation operations on each Launchpad. Only 4 concurrent update operations are permitted on Windows, and only 8 on Macintosh. Other devices will show “Installing OS” but will actually wait until other devices have completed the OS installation process.

You may adjust these limits up — if you have robust hardware — or down — if you suspect your hardware is imposing its own constraints. See the instructions below.

Set Per Launchpad
  1. Navigate to Launchpad tab
  2. Click to select the applicable Launchpad. On the right hand corner, Select  “Log Level and Options…” from the Launchpad Actions menu.


3. Enter the following command, but replace “8” concurrency limit you desire:

ConcurrentOSInstallLimit: 8


5.   Click Save and Restart in order for the change to take effect.

To apply this setting globally to all Launchpads, Navigate to Admin> Launchpads> Custom Launchpad Options> Edit and enter the same command as above.  Restart your Launchpads in order for the change to take effect.