Windows Launchpad 6.4 May Fail to Upgrade

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Update: As of June 5, 2024, the Launchpad 6.4.1 release for Windows resolves the issue.

Customer Availability
  • Launchpad 6.4.1 will be available for download for all US and UK shared cluster customers starting tomorrow June 5, at 3 AM local time. 
  • Customers with Launchpad Automatic Upgrades enabled will be upgraded to 6.4.1 (Windows Launchpads only).

Imprivata has identified an issue with upgrading Windows Launchpad to 6.4 which prevents the Launchpad from functioning after upgrade. This includes upgrades performed via automatic update. This affects any installation where the Launchpad was originally installed using Shared Install Mode (installed via MSI and using command line to set GCSHAREDDATA=1) as described in Install & Register Launchpads.  

Imprivata is removing the ability to upgrade Windows Launchpads to 6.4 at this time until a fix is released. Customers who have already upgraded and are experiencing issues are advised to downgrade to Launchpad 6.3 (download available in the console) and contact Imprivata Support for assistance.  

Imprivata will communicate when a new version of the Windows Launchpad that corrects this issue is available.