macOS 14 Sonoma Issue with macOS Launchpad

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Imprivata has identified USB connectivity issues with macOS 14 Sonoma on specific Apple hardware models. This affects the stability of the GroundControl macOS Launchpad client. 


The GroundControl Launchpad utilizes the underlying macOS USB drivers to connect to iOS mobile devices. Imprivata has identified instability with these drivers in macOS 14 Sonoma, particularly when running on the Apple Silicon CPU architecture.

This instability results in devices ‘missing’ from the Launchpad, despite being physically connected to the smart hub. This may also result in a complete OS level kernel panic system crash. Devices in this state are not reported on the local Launchpad view, or in the admin web console. Larger quantities of connected devices are more likely to trigger these issues.

There are no smart hub firmware mitigations to this issue currently available. Working with a customer and Apple, Apple has acknowledged the reported issue with regards to instability in their lab and are continuing their investigation.  


macOS Launchpads have known issues on Apple Silicon Macs. These issues have been documented and mitigated with new firmware versions for both Bretford and Datamation smart hubs. Imprivata’s analysis has shown that these mitigations are not sufficient to prevent USB instability in macOS 14.  


Imprivata is engaging with customers who have been affected and is assisting these customers with submitting direct Apple Enterprise Support cases. Imprivata has also submitted Apple Developer Support ticket directly (reference: FB13348254). We will remain engaged with our customers and Apple until a resolution has been identified 


Any customer running macOS 14 may experience system OS crashes when connecting devices over USB. Any customer running macOS 14 may experience devices disappearing from GroundControl while still physically connected. Devices in this state cannot be remediated by GroundControl and must be physically reconnected.  


Existing customers are advised whenever possible not to upgrade to macOS 14 Sonoma. Imprivata encourages customers who are affected by these issues to reach out to Imprivata support for assistance with submitting an Apple support ticket.