GroundControl Solutions, Inc. Issued First Patent

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Patent covers system for cloud-managed mobile device administration

NEW YORK – AUGUST 2, 2017 – GroundControl Solutions, Inc., developer of mobile device management solutions for healthcare and enterprise organizations, was issued US Patent 9,705,738 B2 by the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

GroundControl’s new patent covers an improved architecture for cloud-managed mobile device management (MDM). The proprietary technology eases the administrative burden during deployments and for ongoing MDM. Multiple systems may also manage mobile devices after putting the device into supervised mode, instead of being locked to the computer that provisioned it originally for any subsequent management and administration needs.

“This patent extends traditional wireless enterprise MDM with wired, direct access to the device. The technology’s unique methods allow for precision and repeatable control over iPhones and iPads, enabling small IT teams to scale fleets to world-class numbers without outsourcing to expensive third parties,” said Aaron Freimark, CEO of GroundControl Solutions, Inc. “Following initial configuration, maintenance is minimal. Users do not require additional training or technical knowledge since device configuration is automated. Nurses, for example, simply plug and play to configure or reset devices locally, creating less burden on a hospital’s limited IT resources.”

Before an MDM solution can completely manage a mobile device, the device must go through Mobile Device Provisioning (MDP). Legacy MDP technologies require individual setups on a device-by-device basis, leading to significant inefficiencies because each device must be initialized, programmed and updated in order to operate (and continue to operate) in an enterprise system. Moreover, many enterprises ship company-owned, un-configured and MDM-free mobile devices by the thousands to distributed workforces, with the expectation that employees properly enable and enroll in company-required MDM. This configuration is very labor intensive, expensive, and prone to human error, resulting in security and network vulnerabilities that can threaten the enterprise system.

About GroundControl Solutions, Inc.

GroundControl enables healthcare and enterprise organizations to manage and configure iOS devices with unmatched speed and reliability. An individual technician can simultaneously provision dozens of iPhones and iPads with ease, to the exact image specified. Once set up, GroundControl digitally sanitizes and re-images the devices, touch-free and as often as needed, creating new opportunities for patient engagement and repair-free fleet management. An imaging solution, GroundControl is complementary to and deeply integrates with all major EMM systems. Customers include some of the largest hospital and enterprise organizations in the country. For more information, visit