Apple’s new Tethered Caching is so good (you may want to buy some Macs)

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Tethered caching is a major new system from Apple to speed up device provisioning, app installs and app updates. It’s most helpful in places where many iPhones and iPads are clustered together, such as healthcare, retail, and hospitality. But it only works if you have updated iPhones and Macs (yes, Macs). Tethered caching provides two separate but related features: tethered networking & app … Read More

Announcing GroundControl 3.3.1

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Today we released GroundControl 3.3.1, which fixes a few bugs and improves performance. Here’s a list of what changed: We improved the way we identify iOS versions eligible for updates. The Launchpad didn’t like waking up from sleep (kinda like my son). It is better now, and more changes are planned for 3.4. We fixed some confusing behavior when working … Read More

💝 Announcing Version 3.3

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A Big Box of Valentine's Day Treats It's been nearly three months since our last big release, and our team has packed a lot into this little package. Many of these features were customer requests, and you know we're always happy to give credit where it's due. Note the Windows and Mac Launchpad upgrade isn't mandatory, but as always we think ... Read More

GC 3.3 arrives February 14 ❤️

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Hey Valentine! Our next release ships on Tuesday, February 14, and we promise more treats than a box of chocolates. Allow us a little tease… Power-ful new feature #1 is a battery level display. (We’re Amped about this.) #2: Specify a minimum battery level for your workflows. (No extra charge.) #3: Start downloading new iOS updates ASAP. (You may like … Read More

Join our Announcement at HIMSS17

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GroundControl has been adopted by the most innovative hospitals in America, including the best large and two of the top "Super Large" Healthcare IT departments of 2016. These trailblazers and many like them are using GroundControl for iPhone clinical communications and iPad-based patient engagement. See us at booth 8348 at the HIMSS expo in Orlando, February 20-23, and be among the first to ... Read More

Announcing GroundControl 3.2.3

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Bug fixes & Apple’s new TV app Today we released a minor update to GroundControl server and Launchpad. Version 3.2.3 includes the following: We taught the server about the new “TV” app included in iOS 10.2, in case you want to — um, you know — hide it We told the Launchpad it was OK to restore backups created from iOS 10.2 … Read More

3.2.2 fixes a few bugs

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This morning we released GroundControl Launchpad 3.2.2 with “Bug fixes and performance improvements.” This release is recommended for all Macs and Windows PCs. (If you have Launchpad Auto Upgrade enabled then your Launchpads are already patched.) …… OK, we’ll give you a little more detail than that. We found some bugs in Launchpad 3.2 (and 3.2.1, which was Mac-only), and fixed them in this … Read More

Bug Fix Launchpad 3.2.1 for Mac (Only)

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We have discovered an issue with yesterday’s release of GroundControl 3.2. This issue only affects Launchpads running on Mac “Sierra” 10.12. Due to application signing changes in the Launchpad and the Mac Keychain, the Launchpad needs to be reset. Today’s Mac 3.2.1 update provides more helpful instructions when we detect this condition. This is the only change, and if you are running 3.2 … Read More

GroundControl update 3.2

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Lots new in this release, and lots of reasons for upgrading. We’ve already upgraded your server. To upgrade your Launchpads, use Launchpad Actions in the Launchpads tab. Or turn on Automatic Launchpad Upgrading in Admin > Launchpads. Launchpad Networking and UI We’ve overhauled the Launchpad networking in 3.2, for performance and stability improvements. These improvements have already solved several problems … Read More

GroundControl update 3.1.2

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This morning we released GroundControl 3.1.2, updating both the server and Launchpads. This release contains minor bug fixes: Devices now pair more quickly. Recovery Mode deployments (aka “DFU”) will now use a device license Device “First Seen” is now included in the device export. Fixed a bug in Set Language that would sometimes cause a crash. When using the Set Name action, the Device tab … Read More