Announcing GroundControl 3.2.3

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Bug fixes & Apple’s new TV app Today we released a minor update to GroundControl server and Launchpad. Version 3.2.3 includes the following: We taught the server about the new “TV” app included in iOS 10.2, in case you want to — um, you know — hide it We told the Launchpad it was OK to restore backups created from iOS 10.2 … Read More

3.2.2 fixes a few bugs

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This morning we released GroundControl Launchpad 3.2.2 with “Bug fixes and performance improvements.” This release is recommended for all Macs and Windows PCs. (If you have Launchpad Auto Upgrade enabled then your Launchpads are already patched.) …… OK, we’ll give you a little more detail than that. We found some bugs in Launchpad 3.2 (and 3.2.1, which was Mac-only), and fixed them in this … Read More

Bug Fix Launchpad 3.2.1 for Mac (Only)

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We have discovered an issue with yesterday’s release of GroundControl 3.2. This issue only affects Launchpads running on Mac “Sierra” 10.12. Due to application signing changes in the Launchpad and the Mac Keychain, the Launchpad needs to be reset. Today’s Mac 3.2.1 update provides more helpful instructions when we detect this condition. This is the only change, and if you are running 3.2 … Read More

GroundControl update 3.2

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Lots new in this release, and lots of reasons for upgrading. We’ve already upgraded your server. To upgrade your Launchpads, use Launchpad Actions in the Launchpads tab. Or turn on Automatic Launchpad Upgrading in Admin > Launchpads. Launchpad Networking and UI We’ve overhauled the Launchpad networking in 3.2, for performance and stability improvements. These improvements have already solved several problems … Read More

GroundControl update 3.1.2

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This morning we released GroundControl 3.1.2, updating both the server and Launchpads. This release contains minor bug fixes: Devices now pair more quickly. Recovery Mode deployments (aka “DFU”) will now use a device license Device “First Seen” is now included in the device export. Fixed a bug in Set Language that would sometimes cause a crash. When using the Set Name action, the Device tab … Read More

GroundControl update 3.1.1

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IMPORTANT: If your GroundControl workflows include an Update iOS action, your devices will begin updating to iOS 10. If you prefer to wait, you may either remove the Update iOS action, or turn on iOS Update Delay which can extend iOS 9.3.5 installs for several days. This is a bug fix release following last week’s big 3.1 update that got us all iOS 10 ready. Devices running iOS 7 … Read More

Announcing GroundControl 3.1

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iOS 10, meet GroundControl 3.1 GroundControl 3.1 was released to our servers this morning. If you have Automatic Upgrade enabled, your Launchpads should have received the update too. If auto upgrades are disabled, we encourage you to visit Launchpads and select all, then choose Launchpad Actions > Upgrade Launchpads. Oh, and don’t forget to watch Apple’s product announcement today! Support for iOS 10 GroundControl … Read More

Announcing GroundControl 3.0

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Happy Anniversary to us! It’s our big 3-0 release! We’re releasing GroundControl 3.0 tomorrow morning, July 13, around 3 AM New York / 10 AM CET. And it includes presents for all of you, whether you’re new to GroundControl or you’ve been with us since the beginning. While there’s a long list of design changes, we’ve kept the actual device … Read More

Announcing GroundControl 2.11.4

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This update fixes a few issues when using the Launchpad with certain enterprise proxies. Also, we fixed a regression where admins could no longer delete old Launchpad from the system. We skipped a few version numbers due to some internal builds that were rolled into this release. Tip: You may remotely upgrade your connected Launchpads using the “Launchpads” tab in the … Read More

Bug fix: GroundControl 2.11.1

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We discovered some bugs in GroundControl 2.11 (released a week ago), so we’re sending out GC 2.11.1 this morning. These won’t affect most of you, but we wanted to release the fixes we had made. Fixed a some rare crashes with Sparkle on Windows, on launch when obtaining the MAC address, and when viewing the device console Fixed an issue where cellular … Read More