Enabling Location Services

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There are two ways to enable Location Services on your devices: manually after a deployment, or by restoring from a backup via a custom workflow.

To enable Locations Services manually:

  1. Create a new Workflow: it must contain an action that will enable Supervision Options to be selected. For example, adding a Set Name action to a workflow will automatically supervise the device.
  2. Under the Supervise action, click Options and select Locations Services from Show Setup Screens.
  3. Deploy workflow.
  4. Your device will not skip the Location Services set-up screen, allowing you to manually enable this feature.

To enable Location Services using a backup:

  1. Configure your device master and turn on Location Services under Privacy > Location Services.
  2. Create a backup of the device master by following the instructions here. (You can also use the backup included in GroundControl’s built in Demonstration Workflow).
  3. Create a new workflow, upload your backup and click Save. You don’t need to modify any settings under Supervision Options in your workflow.
  4. Deploy workflow and voila! Your device will automatically have this setting enabled.

To enable Locations Services on DEP Devices:

On DEP devices, you can also show the Location Services screen during device set-up to enable this setting manually.  This option is configured via the DEP profile settings on your MDM, check there to adjust accordingly.