How to Capture a Process Monitor Trace

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  1. Close the GroundControl Launchpad if it is running.
  2. Download Process Monitor tool from here on the machine experiencing the issue.
  3. Double-click to launch the tool (Note this tool requires elevated privileges).
  4. If the EULA dialog appears, click Agree.
  5. If the filter dialog appears, click OK.
  6. Data collection starts automatically; you should see events appearing in the Process Monitor window.
  7. Now launch the GroundControl Launchpad and reproduce the problem. For example, if the Launchpad is crashing, please reproduce the crash while Process Monitor is running.
  8. After the problem has been reproduced, close the Launchpad.
  9. In Process Monitor go File > Save, then save the trace into a .pml file and email it back to