Improve Reliability with Certain Hardware

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To improve reliability with certain hardware — including sleds from Infinite Peripherals — GroundControl requires a custom option in your workflow. In your workflows, add the action “Set Custom Option”. Paste the following text into the dialog: { “EnableIncreasedFaultTolerance”: true } This option should be added to each workflow you will use with the hardware.

About Supervision Identities

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The Supervision Identity allows pairing with your iOS devices, even if the MDM DEP profile assigned to your devices does not allow pairing with other hosts. The option effectively secures devices while retaining management capabilities with GroundControl. The Supervision Identity is unique to your organization in GroundControl. We export only the "public" component of the supervision; the private key is kept encrypted ... Read More

Enabling Location Services

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There are two ways to enable Location Services on your devices: manually after a deployment, or by restoring from a backup via a custom workflow. To enable Locations Services manually: Create a new Workflow: it must contain an action that will enable Supervision Options to be selected. For example, adding a Set Name action to a workflow will automatically supervise the … Read More

iOS Update & Recovery limits

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iOS installations send a huge amount of data through USB ports, especially when updating multiple devices at one time. This surge can make the Launchpad unstable. To ensure stability, GroundControl limits the number of concurrent iOS installation operations on each Launchpad. Only 4 concurrent update operations are permitted on Windows, and only 8 on Macintosh. Other devices will show “Installing OS” but will actually wait until … Read More

Critical Update for iOS 10 Compatibility

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iTunes must be updated, Microsoft may require patching ACTION REQUIRED: As you know,  Apple released iOS 10 for most iPads, iPhones and iPod touches. This note explains critical steps that must be taken in order for GroundControl to be able to update devices to iOS 10 on Mac and Windows. CRITICAL ISSUE #1: GroundControl is self-contained for most operations, but relies on iTunes libraries … Read More

“Trust this Computer” prompt on your iOS devices

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When you first connect your personal device to your Launchpad, you may notice a “Trust this Computer” window will pop up. This prompt helps GroundControl pair with DEP devices, externally-supervised devices, passcode-locked devices, and unsupervised devices (your personal device). When should I expect to see the Trust prompt? For personal unsupervised devices, your device must be unlocked and on the home screen. … Read More

iOS Update Delay: FAQ

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“iOS Update Delay” allows you to keep your iOS devices up to date, while removing the “surprise” factor of new iOS updates. Once set, no action is required by the administrator. There are limitations to this feature, so it is important to understand how it works, and why you may — or may NOT — want to use it. How does iOS Update Delay … Read More

Fact Sheet: DEP & GroundControl

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Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is a significant addition to enterprise mobile management, worthy of the attention of every mobility administrator. When combined with MDM and Apple’s VPP, a company can create a robust and complete solution for many situations. GroundControl provides three major advantages over DEP alone: GroundControl is quicker than DEP alone, often twice as fast GroundControl is unattended setup, while … Read More