About USB Restricted Mode in iOS 11.4.1 & above

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Starting with iOS 11.4.1, Apple has introduced a new security feature called USB Restricted Mode that will impact some GroundControl users. Apple has additional information in this knowledge base article. Devices that are locked with a passcode, and have not been unlocked in the last hour, will not respond to USB requests. Apple says that in some cases, locked devices … Read More

Skip the “Privacy” setup screen in iOS 11.3

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iOS 11.3 includes a new setup screen, called “Privacy.” If you are using DEP devices, this new screen will likely interrupt your otherwise automated workflows. With DEP devices, your MDM determines which setup screens to skip. The DEP profile in your MDM lists each screen, and whether to show or skip. Unfortunately, most MDM systems have not yet been updated to include … Read More

Assign Staged Device to User using AirWatch API

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If you are using an AirWatch MDM with API integration, you may instruct GroundControl to assign staged devices to individual users. End-User passwords are not needed for this action, only usernames. Say you have 1,000 iPhones to assign to 1,000 employees. You have several options to proceed: You may leave the devices untouched, and let End-Users activate devices with Apple’s … Read More

Assign DEP Profile using AirWatch API

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If you are using an AirWatch MDM with API integration, you may instruct GroundControl to Pre-register to Username or Lookup Username. The popup menu displays a list of DEP profiles from your AirWatch server. If the list is out of date, click the “Resync” button. This feature is helpful when your organization has multiple DEP profiles, and the GroundControl devices … Read More

GroundControl Compatibility with iOS 13

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Apple's new iOS 13 delivers a tremendous number of device management improvements to the enterprise. With one exception, we've been satisfied with compatibility. Preparing for iOS 13 Upgrade to Launchpad 4.8.4 or later. Upgrade iTunes support software — “MobileDevice” Upgrade your MDM to support iOS 13's new DEP setup screens. Customers using DEP and Restore from Backup will need to ... Read More

DEP devices and “Manage with GroundControl”

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Before GroundControl 3.5, we permitted you to treat DEP devices as non-DEP devices, simplifying your workflows. Beginning with GroundControl 3.5, however we are enforcing several new constraints. DEP devices must now use DEP workflows. So if you see the following failures: Failed: The device is registered for DEP. Please use one of GroundControl’s DEP workflows instead. Failed: The device is not … Read More

Restoring from Backup with DEP

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GroundControl can restore from a master backup onto DEP devices, and MDM enrollment will be preserved. Previously, GroundControl would restore only app settings from the backup, ignoring any system settings. But if you carefully prepare the backup and use devices running iOS 10.3 or later, GroundControl can restore both app and system settings. You need to have GroundControl’s supervision identity added to your … Read More

Improve Reliability with Certain Hardware

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To improve reliability with certain hardware — including sleds from Infinite Peripherals — GroundControl requires a custom option in your workflow. In your workflows, add the action “Set Custom Option”. Paste the following text into the dialog: { “EnableIncreasedFaultTolerance”: true } This option should be added to each workflow you will use with the hardware.

About Smart Hubs

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When used with certain "smart" enterprise USB hubs, GroundControl  can provide enhanced detail such as port number and charging rate. Some models also allow for LED control, to show successful or failed deployments, for example. To enable Smart Hub features, use Admin > Launchpads. The smart hub features will be enabled when you next start the Launchpad app. LED Feedback ... Read More