Update iOS

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NOTE: The workflow actions available to you depend on the Workflow model you select, the MDM system you use, and the OS of your devices.Update iOS, when added to a workflow and deployed to a device, will update the device to the latest available iOS version for that device. Selecting this action lets you make the update conditional to the current iOS version for the device. As … Read More

Maximizing your Protection from iOS Vulnerabilities

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Techniques to rapidly patch fleets of iPhones and iPads Is iOS 10 secure? Without doubt. Vulnerabilities are discovered, and Apple diligently releases patches. In the year since they released iOS 10, Apple documented a whopping 307 security vulnerabilities patched by its software updates. This isn’t to say that iOS is insecure. On the contrary, Apple’s attentiveness and quick responses make iOS … Read More

Quickly deliver critical security updates to your entire fleet

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Introducing iOS Updates Today GroundControl introduces a new and very powerful feature: We can now update the iOS firmware on your devices. Updates are cached, delivered as quickly as possible to your devices, and do not burden your WiFi network. Deliver critical Apple security updates to your entire fleet within 24 hours or less, without shipping to your depot. Like … Read More